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The Unseasonal


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The Unseasonal describes itself as 'a magazine about passion, the change in seasons – both in fashion and the world – the unusual, travel and the human condition'.

Big themes in that statement for sure, and a fair dose of the abstract that might prompt one to tut that it's only fashion, at the end of the day. But every so often a force emerges to whip such vagaries into something truly potent. The Unseasonal from Los Angeles is a new black and white fashion magazine of real depth, erudition and, for us, mesmerising fine taste. Classicism, exoticism, cool, the dreamscape and more are casually referenced in this swaggering, educated publication that will satisfy anyone who cares for couture, culture and fine photography.

We've always believed that North American magazines have the most capability to showcase the power of print in the 21st century, and without doubt The Unseasonal restores our faith in that.

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