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Pressing Matters


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Magalleria stocks a lot of general art magazines but quality, craft-specific titles are oddly hard to come by. The information needs of the printmaking community have been well but almost solely served by the estimable Printmaking Today. But now there's a new addition to the tiny canon in the form of Pressing Matters which is more focused on the contemporary scene.

For one thing, Pressing Matters is out to draw you in. Like many of the artisanal titles currently on the market it's beautifully designed, with lots of white space, crisp illustration and busy photography that rejoices in workshops, tools, aprons and yes, beards. Printmaking looks very hip. But this is a magazine out to inspire and encourage in the most genuine way. It's put together by printmakers for printmakers to deliver advice, share experience and discuss work.

Offering a nicely balanced mix of seasoned practitioners and emerging artists, Pressing Matters is an attractive and informative newcomer that fizzes with energy and ideas.


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